Grand Involve Provides Support to Title I Schools in FCPS

Longtime FCPS partner GrandInvolve presented a check to Educate Fairfax and FCPS Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid to support twenty-seven Title I schools in FCPS.

GrandInvolve was born out of the county’s “Fairfax 50+ Community Action Plan.”  Founded in 2014, GrandInvolve became a 501(c)(3) hoping to further make Fairfax County a welcoming community for all ages and all cultures.

To achieve these goals, GrandInvolve created an innovative program to place senior volunteers (50+) directly into the area’s Title I elementary schools to offer their skills, experiences, and talents to students.

GrandInvolve no longer operates as an independent organization and has been incorporated into the Fairfax County Office of Neighborhood and Community Services.  This generous donation was made in honor of their founder, Dorothy Keenan.

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