Our students. Our strength.

The Foundation for FCPS is now "Educate Fairfax!"

Our new name better reflects our mission to elevate the community by providing enhanced support and resources to students and teachers across Fairfax County.

Through a refined focus on “Our Students, Our Strength,”  Educate Fairfax strives to ensure that every FCPS student has a path to success.

Visit our Impact page to learn how our donors make a difference in the lives of our students.

Did you know that nearly 60,000 FCPS students live in need?


Nearly 1 in 3 FCPS students qualify for Free or Reduced Meals (FRM)

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Funds raised go directly to schools or programs

Our Mission

Educate Fairfax energizes the power of the community to invest in educational excellence and prepare students for the future.

Our Vision

Every FCPS student has a path to success.

Latest News Releases

When you invest in Educate Fairfax, you help your business in three ways:  Develop a talent pipeline; Increase your business competitive advantage; and Capture new perspectives that can contribute to greater innovation. For business leaders, back to school season is an ideal time to consider partnering with their local schools.  It’s easier for school administrators to consider partnership initiatives at the beginning of the academic year. To facilitate these types of partnerships across all Fairfax County Schools, Educate Fairfax will bring area … read more

Educate Fairfax is delighted to announce the inaugural FCPS Hall of Fame, established to honor distinguished alumni of Fairfax County Public Schools. Educate Fairfax, its staff and board, believes that our vibrant and successful school system contributes to a great quality of life here in Fairfax County. By highlighting its amazing graduates, we are drawing the connection that tomorrow’s stellar community leaders, business owners, and servant leaders are currently students in our schools right now. Educate Fairfax is here to … read more

Educate Fairfax is thrilled to announce our brand new online community, FCPS Alumni & Friends, which will allow us to establish greater connections with our graduates and the community.  Through this new network, all Fairfax County Public Schools alumni, supporters and community members will be able to stay connected and receive regular updates and news articles, along with a wide variety of information on special events, mentoring and volunteer opportunities. A directory allows you to easily find and connect with … read more