Cedar Lane Students Collaborate to Open the Cedar Cafe

A grant from the Foundation for FCPS allowed students at Cedar Lane School to work together to create and open a cafe inside the school. Students in the Work Awareness and Transition Program, a specialized program for students with disabilities, created this student-run enterprise from scratch. Working collaboratively, the students practiced many skills, such as teamwork, integrity, positive work ethic, collaboration, communication and interpersonal skills, and problem-solving. Funds from the Foundation enabled the students to purchase a custom counter, microwave, push cart, utensils, and the consumables needed to run a cafe. Finally, the students practiced customer service skills by selling items to their community. It was an excellent example of work-based learning – the students felt comfortable handling orders from familiar people, and can see themselves expanding the cafe to more customers in the coming year. Finally, the cafe brought students together and helped them feel part of a team. They were enthusiastic about the shared goal of operating a cafe and building skills for their future. 

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