Teacher Grants

2023-2024 Grant Opportunity

Once again, Educate Fairfax is soliciting proposals for grants to educators around the district that support work-based learning initiatives. The portal will open on August 14, 2023 and close on September 22, 2023. Funding will be provided in early November. 

Access the portal and view the application through this link

Important: If you have applied to us before, please verify that your school name and principal is still correct in the portal before applying again! If you need assistance, please contact info@educatefairfax.org.


Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Grant Recipients!

Aldrin Elementary School
Eagles Seeking College Knowledge
Helping students identify career interests using age appropriate tools and lessons.

 Annandale High School
AHS PACE Independent Living Skills Lab
The lab provides daily access for intellectually disabled students ages 18-22 at Annandale High School to become more independent citizens while learning basic job functions in an independent living environment.

Annandale High School
Launching Careers in the Health Sciences
A visit to the NOVA Medical Education Campus to gain hands-on experience and learn how to launch their future medical careers.

 Belle View ES
Let’s Get Cookin’
This special education program supports work based learning and teamwork in a fun and exciting way!

 Belvedere Elementary School
Belvedere Elementary 3rd Grade Seed Sale
The Belvedere Seed Sale is organized and run by the third grade. Students collect seeds, decorate envelopes, package seeds, label envelopes, plant seeds, advertise for the event, and staff the sale. 

Braddock Elementary School
Outstanding Creative and Critical Thinking with Ozobots
Ozobots teach the basics of programming in a fun and interactive way that brings coding to life with color codes and block coding that support and encourage students to be creative and critical thinkers in the classroom.

 Bucknell Elementary
Student Learning Cafe
The Student Run Learning Cafe will bring real life learning to students as well as provide an opportunity for students to hang out, discuss books, or participate in STEAM events.

 Cardinal Forest Elementary
Cardinal Forest Garden/ Outdoor Classroom
Students plant and tend a garden, including a monarch way station, that extends their mathematical and scientific knowledge and teaches practical skills.

Career and Transition Services
Developing Career Awareness for Middle School Students with IEPs
Career awareness business tour opportunities result in improved post-secondary outcomes for MS students with IEPs.

Centre Ridge Elementary
Career Exploration through Project Based Learning
Provide meaningful and authentic real-world experiences in various careers through field trips to support classroom instruction through project-based learning.

Centre Ridge Elementary
Hands On Coding Technology in STEAM
Hands-on access to coding technology so students may learn and apply computer science skills to design challenges in the STEAM lab and other classrooms.

 Centreville ES
STEM/STEAM Preparing Our Youth for the Future
Students will use microbit computers learn how to code, use computational thinking, and use 21st century skills to develop STEM skills.

Centreville High School
Exploring College Campuses
First generation and underrepresented students will tour college campuses to learn about a wide variety of post-secondary opportunities and careers.

 Chantilly Academy
Music4Life Guitar project
Students work with professionals from the nonprofit Music4Life to build electric guitars the students keep, while they learn the science and engineering behind how they work and the tool skills to build them.

Chantilly High School
I'm a Graphic Designer
Students will become real Graphic Designers by printing their own designs on something tangible while also learning the necessary skills to sell it on an online marketplace.

Churchill Road Elementary School
Bobcat Innovation Station
Students will get hands on experience using the Innovation Station cart to build, create, innovate, collaborate, and problem solve.

Edison Academy
E-bike Design and Build
Students will explore what goes into designing and building an Electric bike (E-bike) and what is needed to have it used for private and possibly commercial use.

Edison High School
Edison HS Graphic Button and Magnet School Based Enterprise
Business students will create a button making school enterprise that will develop students' marketing, design, communication and collaboration skills through designing, making, and selling buttons and magnets to individuals and school organizations.

 Fairfax High School
Cyberpatriot Competition
Air & Space Forces Association's National Youth Cyber Education Program to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation's future.

 Floris Elementary
ESOL Family Night- My Dream Career Project
A evening presentation for families given by ESOL elementary students of their career research project.

Greenbriar East Elementary
Program and Play
Students will explore programming robots within a STEAM lab.

 Haycock Elementary
Gardening in 5th Grade
Math and Science skills are put to use as we map out garden beds to grow vegetables. Students will use apply their academic knowledge in a real-world setting.

Hayfield Secondary School
Hayfield Secondary School Instructional Technology Partnership with Ft. Belvoir
VA Star students refurbish computers for local Wounded Warriors

 Hayfield Secondary School
Exceptional education students will run a coffee business to work on inventory control and sorting, customer service and distribution of orders.

Herndon Elementary
Art-trepreneur: Entrepreneurship in Art & Design - Board Game Design
Students explore the career path of an artist/designer as an entrepreneur by engaging in the creative process of board game design and publishing, plus experience real world applications of workplace skills.

Holmes Middle School
New Citizens in Action
Eighth Grade students utilize skills learned from workplace mentors, and within their Civics and English classrooms to solve real world problems that they are facing in their communities.

 Justice High School
Capable Candle Co.
CAT B students will practice work-place readiness skills within the classroom. The creativity and critical thinking skills our students display brought LIGHT to this idea.

Key Center
Key Café
A school based work experience run by students with significant intellectual disabilities where they explore and practice various jobs related skills to working in a café (sales, marketing, baking, prepping and clean up, delivery).

 Kilmer Center
Kilmer Center Tiger Marketplace
Kilmer Center students create artwork using assistive devices that they then incorporate in greeting cards, gift tags and gift bags.

Lake Braddock Secondary School
Exploring Careers in Biotechnology
Biology students will explore careers in biotechnology through experimentation using  fundamental tools to study DNA analysis.

 Lewis High School
Lewis Studio Production
Students will utilize technology to livestream school events to our school community, produce a live event, operate equipment, practice interviewing and public speaking, and build teamwork skills.

 Liberty Middle School
Heavy Equipment Construction Management Simulation
Students will become familiar with the role of heavy equipment in construction settings while demonstrating the planning and organizing required for construction management.

 Longfellow Middle School
College and Career Exploration (CCE) Club College and Career Visits
College and Career Exploration members will visit colleges, work sites, and academies to increase college/career awareness, explore career pathways, and understand how their personal interests/skills and education can help accomplish future goals.

 Mantua Elementary School
Steam Educational Opportunities
Working with real-world inspired problems, students will use research skills to understand an issue, plan an innovative solution, construct a prototype solution, test, and refine the prototype.

Montrose ALC
Growing and Gardening
Students will use gardening as a way to release emotions and build relationships with adults and peers, fostering “soft skills” that will help them flourish in career opportunities beyond high school.

 Mosby Woods ES
Young Scholars Engineering Club
A 10-week agricultural engineering program that focuses on developing 21st century skills to create potential solutions for food production limitations in urban communities.

Mountain View High School
Mountain View Theatre Without Borders
Using drama to improve the literacy and math skills required for graduation and in the workplace.

Mountain View High School
The Career Readiness Discovery and Exploration Project
Provides career exploration opportunities for underrepresented students in FCPS Nontraditional School Programs to raise awareness of career pathways and improve workplace readiness skills.

Orange Hunt Elementary School
STEAM Exploration
Solving real-world problems using science, technology, the engineering process, math, and designing artistic components into their projects including building robots, learning coding and designing innovation solutions.

Quander Road School
The Road T-Shirt Company
Building school pride and resiliency using creativity and customer service to make and sell apparel and other personalized items.

Riverside Elementary School
Spread Your Wings And Fly
Creating a new Milkweed Garden for student research and observation.

Rolling Valley Elementary
Rolling Valley Robotics/STEM Team
A  before-school enrichment program for grades 4-6.  Students will work on Robotic challenges to gain STEM skills with the goal of creating a competitive Robotics Team.

Sleepy Hollow ES
Building STEM Skills to Design our Futures
5th-graders explore STEM careers and collaborate in engineering design at Virginia Tech's local Thinkabit Lab, and 284 students in grades 2-5 benefit from programming robots in the school’s STEAM Lab.

South Lakes High School
Sowing the Seeds for Seahawks
A student-run business selling flowers to South Lakes High School staff and students.

 Stenwood Elementary School
School Garden
A group learning project that encourages students to work collaboratively with peers, families, and community groups to address community environmental health issues.

Terra Centre ES
Terra Centre ES STEAM Night
An evening event that engage our families in the world of STEAM and give students connections to the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math core areas so they can discover the possibilities for the future!

W.T. Woodson High School - Family & Consumer Sciences
I Scream, You Scream, WE all Scream for Ice Cream
A collaboration of Art, FCS, and Business and IT! Ice cream brand development, marketing and packaging, production, magazine and marketing materials photography layouts, and a fieldtrip

 Wakefield Forest Elementary
STEAM Microbit Engineering
Student inventors have the tools they need to code and build the solutions to numerous STEM problems with Microbit engineering and programming.

 Wakefield Forest Elementary
Makey Makey
Students will take everyday objects and turn them into a touchpad that interacts with a computer program to help students grasp new concepts through tangible, interactive, hands-on activities.

 West Springfield High School
Taking a Tour of Your Future through Business Partnerships
Students gain real world exposure to a wide range of employment opportunities in our community, with interested employers in high demand career fields.

Woodburn Elementary School
FutureMakers Sparks at Woodburn Elementary
Students work independently and collaboratively to create motorized robots, which will give students confidence, nurture growth mindset and foster skills to thrive in an increasingly STEM-focused world.

Woodley Hills ES
KinderBOT Coders
An instructional, engaging STEAM program in which KG and 1st grade students apply their knowledge of block coding to complete real world challenges with the help of their robot pal Dash.

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West Springfield HS garden project

Forestdale students learn about water ecology

Beech Tree students user the Maker Space to make things happen!

Marshall Academy students visit the FAA command center

West Springfield's coffee cart spreads school spirit with a side of caffeine

Stenwood students enjoy their Maker Space

Hayfield students refurbish computers for Wounded Warriors at Fort Belvoir

Robinson students explore career paths at VDOT