Assistance with Grant Applications

Please contact us BEFORE YOU APPLY to see if the grant application meets our guidelines.

  • Educate Fairfax will not research grant prospects or provide guidance in your search. The Grants Development office has resources available for this purpose.  Contact Stacey Shobert at 571-423-3617.
  • School-based grants must have the principal's approval before submission.
  • Educate Fairfax must review a copy of any grant submission prior to its being sent. We will not accept any funds for which application has been made without express consent.
  • Educate Fairfax may act as the applicant in order to expedite the application and monitor the progress of the grant.
  • We may decline to support any grant application for any reason.
  • Grant funds must be for the benefit of a school or program within FCPS.
  • Associated reporting requirements will be handled by Educate Fairfax, with assistance from the school or teacher, in a timely manner.